Dave Medara

Dave founded Moab Desert Adventures in 1998, after working in the Wasatch mountains as an avalanche forecaster. Dave has a real passion for the mountains and has been climbing for 20 years. His climbing started in a very traditional mould on the granite of Cathedral Ledge in New Hampshire. Dave has climbed in the desert for years and has been a keen activist putting up many new routes. He has explored many wonderful places and climbs in the desert, and his passion for his home surroundings is obvious when he shares these places with others. He is accomplished in a variety of disciplines having summited numerous high peaks in Alaska and achieved extraordinary standards in rock climbing. With his easy smile and confident style Dave has a way of making people feel at home in what are often far less than familiar situations.

Dave on the Sweden Ringle 5.12, Indian Creek Dave on the Sheepshead, Arizona Dave climbing in Indian Creek