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The Primal Quest Adventure Race which took place around Moab in July 2006, was rigged by Jay Smith and Dave Medara. It set the record for being the largest ropes course on any Adventure Race. The ropes sections featured spectacular free hanging rappels of up to 450 feet, rope ascents of up to 450 ft, a special pulley system to lower bikes from Gemini Bridges, and a spectacular finale with a rope's course along the Castle Valley Ridge which used a complex system of rope ascents and rappels and a breath taking zip line from the Rectory formation to the summit of the Priest tower across a span of over 300 ft whilst 350 feet in the air! Over 6 miles of rope was used for rigging the ropes section of the 2006 Primal Quest. The ropes course was a huge success and a big highlight of the Primal Quest Adventure Race. Link to the Primal Quest website to see more images from the ropes sections.


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