There are many things which go to making Chicks on Cracks such an awesome experience for everyone, but it goes without saying, that our Chicks on Cracks guides really are the largest part of that. Each of our guides are fully experienced climbers and guides, and have worked closely with women. Each one is committed to providing you with an experience that will ensure you go away with new skills and techniques, whilst providing inspiration through their climbing experiences.

Meet some of the Chicks on Cracks Guides

Emma Medara Emma Medara, one of the owners of Moab Desert Adventures, brings a soft spoken strength to her guiding; she can coax anyone up any climb just by virtue of her own belief in their ability. Emma comes to us from England and has been climbing for 17 years, during which she has traveled the globe climbing, taking pictures and writing about her experiences. With an astonishing list of accomplishments, and a humility that so often accompanies great athletes, Emma will make you feel at home in any situation. Emma, together with Lisa Hathaway, organises Chicks on Cracks.
Lisa Hathaway Lisa Hathaway has been an avid athlete all of her life and has achieved excellence in more activities than most people will ever even try. With a keen understanding of the desert environment founded in her work as a wildlife biologist, Lisa is truly at home in the desert, and enjoys explaining its fascinating ecosystems and history. Her years of experience as an athlete, a trainer, a guide and a student have given her a unique and insightful ability to introduce others to the activities that she knows so well. Lisa together with Emma is one of the organisers of Chicks on Cracks.
Angela Hawse Angela Hawse is one of the most experienced women guides in the country with over 20 years leading adventures in the vertical world. She is an AMGA Certified Rock Guide, Himalayan alpinist and sponsored athlete. Angela is well versed in all disciplines of climbing and has a Master’s Degree in International Mountain Conservation. In addition to CHOCS, she guides for Chicks with Picks, Women that Rock, Exum Mountain Guides and Mountain Madness. She is passionate about teaching and sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge of the outdoors.
Kitty Calhoun Kitty Calhoun started climbing at the age of 18, and by looking at her you think that might only be last year. Her climbing career boasts a very impressive list of achievements making her one of the country’s leading alpinists, including a successful alpine-style ascent of Dhaulagiri in 1987 and then three years later she led an expedition to the West Pillar of Makalu and became the first woman to summit, to her latest achievement of climbing the Diamond Couloir in Kenya. Kitty has traveled to many far off destinations, and has endured and overcome some very harsh and tough conditions, whilst others who were twice her stature, couldn’t. This says much about her attitude and way of thinking that quitting is not an option. In Kitty Calhoun’s world, it seems the more challenging, the better.Kitty has guided on several of the CHOCs events, and we are glad to have her join us again this year. You will learn alot from Kitty.
Heidi Wirtz

Heidi Wirtz. Heidi’s love for adventure and exploration has been the driving force behind her climbing accomplishments. She enjoys all types of climbing, finding herself high on giant rock walls and frozen waterfalls throughout the world. She has been climbing in the U.S. as well as parts of Canada, Baja, Great Britain, South America, and India over the past twelve years and doesn’t plan to ease up on her globe-trotting any time soon, with plans to climb in Europe, Tazmania, and Greenland in the near future. While continually raising the bar for her personal performance and for women’s climbing in general, Heidi envisions a broader view for her role in the sport in the years ahead, hoping to do more work with people in need around the world and create opportunities to “give back, help and inspire.”

Becca Roseberry Rebecca Roseberry says "Reality is relative to the creator. An experience has no end only stages. And this adventurous lifestyle of traveling the world, seeking the diversity in vertical pursuits, is what keeps me present in this moment. There will always be a greater challenge and something new not yet seen or learned. "
Learning Curve: Leaving a massage career in Portland, Oregon at 21, I moved to Moab, Utah my first year climbing and scarred my hands thoroughly refining crack technique. The following five years I dabbled in all climbing disciplines, living out of my rig and traveling the world.
Living now in Jackson Hole the encompassing pursuit comes full circle adding a new dimension of demanding backcountry skiing and summer Teton guiding with Exum. The anticipation of breathtaking vistas and challenges around the globe keep me eager for the next time the mail gets put on hold.
Amelia Patterson on Digital Readout 5.12 Amelia Patterson. "I discovered climbing when I moved to Colorado nine years ago and what
started as adventures on the weekends soon determined my entire lifestyle. Rock climbing is considered in nearly every decision from where I went to college to where I would live and how I would live. I spent years living out of my truck following the seasonal good weather. In the process I learned to crack climb as my frist love and moved on to sport climbing, big wall
climbing and ventured into the mountians for first ascents and summits."



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