Moab Desert Adventures

Film Shoots, Photo Shoots, Rigging, Location Scouts, Adventure Races, and Talent.

Moab Desert Adventures provides specialized rigging, production services, talent and location scouting for film and photo shoots, television, and other productions such as adventure races. Our background is rock climbing, and we have the skills and equipment to get your production to some very unique places. We also have a in-depth knowledge of the area, and alot of experience working with various productions, so we know where to go and how to get those spectacular and 'unachievable' shots.

Moab Desert Adventures aims to provide the production with their desired result on time and within budget. We work with your schedule to provide unparalleled safety and professional rigging.

Our location scouts, through the time spent in the area, and working with numerous productions, know exactly where to go to get the shot or perfect adventure race location you are looking for. We can get you to places you probably didn't think possible, and we pride ourselves in making it happen.

We are also able to help with finding talent, suitable for the job required, whether it be rock climbing, biking, running, yoga - we can provide you with an experienced selection of people.

Moab Desert Adventures is fully permitted to operate on BLM, Forest and State lands, and our working relationships with the various local land managers is a foot in the door when getting permits for your production.

Call us on 435 260 2404 or email us to help you with your production.

What Have We Worked On?

Below are some of the productions that we have worked on. Click on the link to see images of that production.

Primal Quest Adventure Race
Chrysler Commercial
Chevrolet Commerical
Leo Burnett - Marlborough Adventure Team Commercials
Suzuki Commercial
Aron Ralston Blue John Canyon Documentary
Landrover Adventure Race
Adventure Extreme Adventure Race
Athleta Catalogues
Mountain Hardwear Catalogues
Wells Fargo