Corona Arch Rappelling

Corona Arch is a spectacular sandstone arch, made famous from photographs of a small airplane flying through it. Located along the Potash Road, a pleasant hike of just over a mile brings you to the base of the arch.

Rappelling from the top of the arch is a unique adventure with Moab Desert Adventures. It is a great group activity and we have entertained many different groups with this exhilarating trip. We set up a handline which takes you up a sandstone ramp where you can access to the top of the arch. We set up more handlines which lead to the rappel anchors. Here we set you up on rappel and off you go for the most spectacular rappel around. With a height of 140 feet, you will feel the big air beneath your feet as you slide down the rope from the arch's highest point. This is a true adventure for thrill seekers.

All equipment will be supplied including gloves.