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Red Rocks Adventures

Red Rocks can perhaps boast more moderate multi-pitch climbs than anywhere else in North America. They are a wonderful experience, located in the beautiful canyons of the Red Rock Natural Conservation Area. There is something for everyone. And not be overshadowed by their big brothers, are the quality single pitch climbs located in the park, with everything from technical sport climbing of all grades, to some absolute classic shorter traditional climbs. We offer trips that combine all of the wonders of Red Rocks.

Full Day Climbing - Intermediate - Advanced

A full day of climbing on many of the single pitch and shorter traditional climbs located on the crags of Red Rocks. This is a great way to hone technique with specific instruction from your guide. You will be able to really focus on different climbing techniques, and also learn about gear placements, anchors and any other skills which you are wanting to become more familiar with.

One person $275. Two people $195 per person. Three people $170 per person.

Multi Pitch Climbs Intermediate Level

This will be a full day of climbing a multi-pitch route up to four pitches in length, that can be completed car to car in no more than eight hours. Whether you have something specific in mind, or whether we choose a route which is suitable for your experience.

One person $295. Two People $230 per person.

Multi Pitch Climbs Intermediate-Advanced Level

Your chance to get some mileage under your belt, and climb some of the mega long classics located in the beautiful canyons of Red Rocks. An early start will be needed as we take you up routes of 4 plus pitches. These routes will be more challenging than those in the intermediate level.

One person $345. Two People $270 per person.

Multi Pitch Climbs Advanced Level

The climbing experience of a lifetime. We will take you up climbs that have achieved mega classic status. These are climbs of grade IV-V, and will require alpine starts and late finishes. Such routes include Epinephrine, a fabulous climb of around 18 pitches with amazing chimneys. Climbing experience will need to be assessed before doing these climbs. Please contact us for more information and rates.


Below is a list of some of the classic climbs which we will be guiding. If you have something specific in mind, please let us know and we can design your day to meet your goals.

Solar Slab Grade IV, 5.6
Cat in the Hat: Grade III, 5.6
Olive Oil: Grade III, 5.7
Tunnel Vision III, 5.7
Dark Shadows II, 5.8
Frog Land: Grade III, 5.8
Crimson Chrysalis: Grade IV, 5.8
Refried Brains: Grade III, 5.9
Black Orpheus: Grade IV, 5.9+
Epinephrine: Grade V, 5.9 - can be done in the intermediate-advanced level if rappel off
Dream of Wild Turkeys: Grade III, 5.10
Triassic Sands: Grade III, 5.10
Eagle Dance: Grade V, 5.10, A1

Please contact us for reservations or more information at 804 814 3872 or email.